Paid Summer Internship for Master or MBA students in Sustainable Business Development


Did you know 85% of the plastics produced worldwide since 1950 are still in landfills or swimming in the oceans? As they are not compostable, they cause long-term environmental and marine pollution. Their production from mostly fossil raw materials causes lasting damage to our planet and climate. Consumers, industry, and politics are looking for a solution - traceless has one!


traceless materials is a young company - with huge potential. We have developed an innovative technology to produce novel, advanced biomaterials from agricultural residues. Our materials are compostable under natural composting conditions, 100% bio-based, do not compete with food production, don’t need any potentially hazardous chemicals and have up to 87% lower CO2 emissions. 


To learn more about traceless check out our website,  our Linkedin, or Instagram profile. 


With traceless, it is our mission to substitute plastic and bioplastic in all products that can easily end up in the environment - from packaging to single-use products and coating & adhesive solutions. Already competitive to conventional plastics and bioplastics in quality, on industrial production scale our materials will be price competitive to virgin plastic, allowing to produce sustainable, affordable products for end-customers in all demographics and income levels - to become part of the solution to solve global plastic pollution!


And luckily, we are not the only ones looking to bring novel, sustainable alternatives to plastic to market – and that is where you come in!




We identified over 100 direct competitors looking to bring their bioplastic or biomaterial solutions to market. Based on our existing competitor database, you will analyze and identify existing and potential new competitors on a global scale and help us evaluate their competitive potential based on a clear set of sustainability and business potential indicators. In close collaboration with our team, you will help us develop a toolkit/guideline on how to efficiently perform continuous competitive screening.

You will

  • update the current competitor research framework by helping us develop and decide for novel evaluation indicators.

  • update and extend the existing competitor research, researching and scoping for new competitors based on chosen indicators.

  • develop a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape, e.g. for the communication to potential investors for our next investment round.

Understanding the ever-evolving competitive landscape and maintaining a continuous overview of its development will allow us to further strengthen the focus of our product development and directly shape our marketing and sales activities. Additionally, your work will be a substantial part of building the business opportunity for our next investment round coming up later this year.



You are an ambitious student with excellent grades enrolled in a Business, Economics or another related field of study and have a passion for tech and sustainability. Ideally, you have first experience in competitor research and data analysis and visualization.


  • are reliable, open-minded, innovative and a team player with a sense of humour

  • have an analytical mindset, solid business understanding and a proven track record of “getting things done”

  • are interested in plastic pollution, sustainability, and technical topics (we're a tech startup!)

  • are highly proficient in both spoken and written English

You will

  • learn relevant professional skills in competitor research and industry data analysis

  • develop a profound understanding of the global competitive landscape of sustainable plastic alternatives

  • help us to gain valuable insights into traceless’ market positioning and differentiation and help to communicate them in a comprehensive way to potential new investors

  • directly support our marketing and sales teams to better communicate traceless’ unique selling position to our direct customers and end consumers, and that way ultimately help us realize our mission to make the biggest possible contribution to solve global plastic pollution

You will be working with passionate multidisciplinary experts that are eager to teach you all they know in their respective areas of expertise. Our interns have a high degree of autonomy in their role - but also a lot of responsibility, allowing you to grow and make your contribution to bring traceless forward! Ultimately, you will help shape the growth of our start-up at firsthand and gain a diverse insight into all areas of the company.




This position is part of the InTent Internship Programme. To be considered, please go to this link and use the "apply" section, where you can send us your complete application merged into one PDF including:

  • CV

  • Motivation Letter (including desired start date & duration)

  • A certificate of enrollment (if you are currently studying)

  • For non-EU/EFTA citizens: Certificate from the university stating that an internship is mandatory (required due to regulations)

We embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are dedicated to building a team that represents a range of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

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