traceless’ disruptive potential lies in our patent-pending technology - an innovative process that is simple, environmentally friendly and has high scale-up potential.

It allows us to extract natural biopolymers from agricultural industry residues. So instead of synthetically creating new polymer molecules, we use the ones that nature has already produced.

traceless technology innovativ biotecholgy


We produce traceless as a base material in granulate form - a holistically sustainable alternative material to conventional plastics and bioplastics.

traceless materials sustainable granulate granule compostable biodegradable plant biobased plastic alternative


The quality and functionality of traceless materials is competitive to those of conventional plastics and bioplastics, while being compostable under natural conditions. Designed for plastic converting technologies, they can be further processed to flexible films, rigid material, coatings and adhesives - all while containing only natural substances.


That’s why we don’t call our materials plastic, and also not bioplastic, but simply: traceless!

traceless materials sustainable biodegradable plant based plastic alternative granulate coating film solution


traceless materials sustainable compostable biodegradable biobased use case film coating food packaging bonbon sweets herbs

traceless is suitable for many different use cases, from flexible and rigid packaging (food & non-food) to single-use products, high abrasion products,  paper and cardboard coatings & adhesive solutions.


traceless materials use case sustainable biodegradable biobased use case disposables straws cutlery
traceless materials use case sustainable compostable biodegradable biobased paper coating food packaging fresh food
traceless materials sustainable biodegradable biobased use case film coating food packaging cereal bar
traceless materials sustainable compostable biodegradable biobased use case film packaging non-food
traceless materials use case sustainable biodegradable compostable biobased adhesive

Exemplary use case lab studies


Why we don't call our materials plastic, and also not bioplastic? Because in sustainability, they are one step ahead!

traceless materials are not only bio-based, but even based on biological residues. For biodegradation, they don‘t need industrial composting conditions, but are home compostable.

traceless materials are part of a new generation of advanced natural materials - beyond plastic an bioplastic!

traceless materials chart map bioplastic plastic biomaterial PBAT Bio PET Industrially degradable Biobased Non degradable Home compostable Biobased residues starch blends Conventional plastics PP, PE, PS, …area scaled by factor 0,1 Bio PA Bio PE PLA traceless materials Bio PP Bio PTT PHA PBS Cellophane Fossil based
traceless biodegradation composting test

The key for traceless' excellent compostability lies in its natural ingredients: Unlike many bioplastics, our materials are based on natural polymers - those polymers that nature has already produced itself. That's why microorganisms out there already know how to handle them, and can easily digest them.


Depending on the conditions and the thickness of the material, composting takes only 2-9 weeks.

Composting test of traceless plast (left, thickness 0,2 and 1,6mm), compared to a film cutout of a commercially available organic waste bag (right, thickness 0,03mm, certified DIN 13432 compostable).



Following our mission to make the greatest possible sustainability impact, we are working to scale our technology and make our materials widely available soon. Currently, we are producing traceless materials on our pilot plant, while developing first product applications together with our lighthouse customers.

You and your company are sharing our pioneering spirit, and would like to be part of the solution rather than part of the pollution? For example, as one of the first manufacturers to offer products made out of traceless materials? Or as part of our partner network, contributing your expertise to our exciting journey? Then we are inviting you to contact us!

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