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We pick plastic-free - with traceless french fries forks!

We proudly announce our latest prototype development: french fries forks made out of traceless material, a collaboration project between us and our partner GTB Gastro Team Bremen GmbH / Aramark! And what better occasion to show them could there be than the Cradle To Cradle event Labor Tempelhof? In August 2022, four concerts in Berlin Tempelhof were turned into a laboratory for a climate- and resource-positive world, showcasing and testing many Cradle To Cradle cases for events. And we are happy to be a part with our fries forks!

Our friendly french fries forks

Why we picked this product? Well, we all know it’s one of these little items that easily end up in the environment. Luckily, according to the latest EU legislation, it’s no longer allowed to be made from plastic or bioplastic anymore. The most common material alternative nowadays is wood, which already means the forks are biobased and harmless to humans and nature.

Making them from traceless materials, we go even one step further: Because our materials are based on plant leftovers from agricultural food production, we can get the same advantages - without having to fell trees! Being bio-circular and 100% plastic-free, the novel prototypes are naturally compostable, climate-friendly, free of toxic chemicals, and safe for humans and nature. In a word: traceless! To all those who would like to know more about the environmental impact of traceless, and see some numbers - learn more on our impact page > .

The result of a close collaboration

We have developed the prototypes with true experts from the field - namely with event gastromony provider GTB - Gastro Team Bremen GmbH, which is a part of Aramark. With more than 25 years of experience in setting culinary highlights at events, GTB is highly committed to making this industry more sustainable, and approached us on behalf of the project Labor Tempelhof.

The idea: Could we jointly develop french fries forks with injection moulded traceless materials, according to the Cradle To Cradle principle? With that idea and partners, we at traceless of course didn't have to think long, and were on board this project immediately! And we were proud to show the first prototypes on-site at the Labor Tempelhof in Berlin, where they were displayed at the exhibition "Cradle Village".

On the occasion of the project Labor Tempelhof

Can we make big events climate- and resource positive? To find this out, the bands Die Ärzte and Die Toten Hosen have provided four concerts (of which one unfortunately had to be cancelled due to storm warning) taking place at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin in August 2022. These concerts were turned into a laboratory for a climate- and resource positive world, called Labor Tempelhof. Around these concerts, it was attempted to optimise all products and processes through Cradle To Cradle (C2C) innovations. And since the C2C principle is truly a part of traceless' DNA, we're proud to be part of this ambitious project - and more than happy that it brought us together with our collaboration partner, and gave the kick-off for the french fries fork development.

The project was initiated by Cradle To Cradle NGO, KKT GmbH - Kikis Kleiner Tourneeservice, Loft Concerts GmbH and Side by Side Eventsupport GmbH. Together with numerous partners from the field, they implemented the most climate- and resource-positive products, processes and innovations possible in the Tempelhof laboratory, tested them and checked their scalability.

The aim is to show how cradle to cradle solutions that already exist today can lead to a circular economy that offers economic, ecological and social added value for society as a whole - and how, derived from this, major events with positive effects for people and the environment can also become standard. Learn more about the project and our case here:


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