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Podcast Features about Traceless

During the last weeks, traceless was a guest in two podcast sessions - a great chance for us to spread the word about the challenges of plastic pollution, to deep-dive into technical aspects, and tell more about where we at traceless are standing on our journey. Lean back and let yourself be entertained!

Digital Kompakt

Deep Dive Clean Tech #32 "Traceless: Kunststoffe für den Kompost".

Being Germany's biggest business podcast label, Digital Kompakt is known for providing in-depth analyses on innovation topics on the basis of real-life cases. For this session, traceless founder Anne Lamp was invited to a conversation with David Wortmann about our idea and mission to tackle plastic pollution.

Starting at today's alarming facts and figures on how much plastic is entering the environment every day, Anne and David take us back to the the roots of plastic materials at the beginning of last century. Anne sheds some light on the science of natural polymers, they discuss the difference to bioplastics, take a look at the latest policy news, and draw a picture on how a circular bioeconomy of the future could look like. Enjoy listening (German language only)! Original Link

Startup Dock


Inspiring, qualifying and promoting founders at Hamburg's universities, the Startup Dock has become a real institution in Hamburg's Startup Scene. With their support from the very early days on, they contributed to where we at traceless stand today - therefore, we were especially happy to be invited to a session of their podcast "TRIAL & ERROR". Enjoy listening (German langue only)! Original link


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