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The Renewability Revolution

We have great news! We won the 3rd prize of the ‘’Renewable Material of the Year Award 2023’’! Most of you probably link the word renewability to renewable energy, but did you know renewability encompasses much more than that? With the concept of “Renewable Carbon”, the Nova Institute has developed a holistic definition of renewability, especially when it comes to materials. Therefore they annually hand out The Renewable Material of the Year Award. This year we were one of the six finalist, and we have some great news because we won the 3rd prize!

The Renewable Material of the Year Award 2023

3rd Prize Renewable Material of the Year Award 2023

The award is the ultimate recognition of innovation and excellence in the field of renewable materials. Each year, this prestigious award celebrates the groundbreaking materials that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability and shaping a greener future by replacing fossil carbon from the ground with their innovative solutions. From bioplastics to advanced biomaterials to recycling solutions, the award highlights the remarkable achievements of individuals and companies driving the renewable material revolution. With its unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable practices and fostering the adoption of renewable materials, the Renewable Material of the Year Award serves as a catalyst for change and inspires others to embrace the power of renewable resources.

As one of the six finalist, we had the chance to pitch our product during the Renewable Materials Conference on the 24th and 25th of May in Siegberg (close to Cologne). Our CFO Jakob represented traceless on stage, and he did a great job as he took the 3rd prize with him back to Hamburg!

And as we celebrate the prize and the other winners of the Renewable Material of the Year 2023 Award, let’s deep dive into the topic of renewability and renewable materials… As in our eyes it is crucial to recognize the significance of renewable materials and the role they play in driving sustainability.

Renewable Materials of the Year Award Finalists on Stage

Photo ©nova-Institute

Renewability Redefined

What are renewable materials?

Renewable materials are derived from sources that can be replenished or recycled over time. Unlike their non-renewable counterparts, which deplete our natural resources and contribute to environmental degradation, renewable materials offer a promising alternative. Instead of using fossil resources from the ground, they are derived from sustainable sources such as plants, biomass, or recycled materials, ensuring a continuous supply while minimising our ecological footprint.

Why are renewable materials so crucial?

Well, picture this: as our global population grows and industries expand, the demand for resources skyrockets. By embracing renewable materials, we can break free from the destructive cycle of extraction, consumption, and waste. These materials provide a pathway to a more sustainable future by reducing our dependence on finite resources, curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting a circular economy where waste is minimized and materials are reused or recycled.

Moreover, renewable materials play a pivotal role in combating climate change. Fossil fuel-derived products are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, fueling global warming and environmental instability. Renewable materials, on the other hand, have a lower carbon footprint and can significantly reduce emissions across various sectors such as construction, packaging, and transportation. By incorporating renewable materials into our daily lives, we can build a greener, more resilient planet for future generations.

The Rise of Renewability

What is the future outlook for renewable materials?

The future for renewables looks promising. With growing concerns about climate change and the declining costs of renewable technologies, there is increasing global momentum towards their widespread adoption. Continued innovation, supportive policies, and investments in renewable energy infrastructure are expected to drive further growth and integration of renewables in the energy mix. While additionally, recognitions such as the Renewable Material of the Year Award further highlight the importance of the topic!

To conclude, it is great to see the focus on truly sustainable innovative materials that do not only contribute towards replacing fossil carbon from the ground, but that also focus on solving other pressing environmental issues. By working together and bringing the solutions from all different angles together, we are convinced we can create a more sustainable world where renewable materials stand at the forefront.

Renewable Material of the Year 2023 Award Winners

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