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We cannot afford to not try: Anne at Sparkassentag 2023

27. Deutscher Sparkassentag - everyone was there: Olaf Scholz, Robert Habeck, Christine Lagarde... and in between: traceless founder Anne Lamp! Have we changed the field - from environmentally friendly materials to finance?! No! But to realise the radical green transformation that drives us every day, it takes more than technical solutions and a committed society. Yep, we all know: it's the money that makes the world go round. In other words: Money is the lever to change the direction!

"So how do you go from an idea to a tangible contribution for a regenerative economy? The first thing you need is courage." Anne Lamp at Deutscher Sparkassentag 2023

With the top-class people from finance and politics, including 2500 Sparkasse board members, there were quite some personalities in the audience who can move this lever. That's why Anne's speech was not just about inspiration and encouragement, but included straightforward calls to action. Listen to her full speech below!

Talk by Dr.-Ing. Anne Lamp, Co-Founder & CEO traceless materials; 27. Deutscher Sparkassentag, 31.05.2023. Video produced by Macondo

"Get involved in the current transformation: the future is in our hands and arises from the decisions we make today. We cannot afford not to try. " Anne Lamp at Deutscher Sparkassentag 2023

Deutscher Sparkassentag 2023, Day 1: Anne Lamp, speaking after Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck


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