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Cooperation with OTTO

We proudly announce our first market pilot partnership: We've teamed up with one of Germany's leading e-commerce platforms - OTTO! Together, we develop sustainable e-commerce packaging, namely shipping bags and polybags made out of traceless materials.

For us, this is a huge step towards bringing our materials to market, and thus making a great impact on plastic pollution. And we are especially pleased to have found such a powerful partner in OTTO, that shares our vision of a future free of plastic waste! OTTO has been working on the reduction of packaging waste already for a few years, for example by working with other innovative startups like Wildplastics. Cooperating with traceless, they decided to further develop a bio-circular solution, and be part of our journey from the start:

"A plastic that is completely biodegradable in a few weeks - that is a real game changer for the packaging industry. The traceless material could also help online retailers to further reduce waste. However, such a material can only be used sensibly if it meets the high requirements. This is what we want to find out as part of our partnership with traceless."

Benjamin Köhler from the OTTO sustainability team.

You would like to hear more about our joint plans, and get some insights on how our cooperation startet? In OTTO's Podcast "O-Ton", Benjamin Köhler spoke to traceless founders Anne and Johanna - listen to the conversation in Otto's Newsroom! More Details about our cooperation can also be found in OTTO's press release.


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