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Talking Purpose Podcast with traceless founder Johanna

Lean back and just listen - here comes the story of traceless in a nutshell! Actually, in a chestnut shell... but we will come to that later. Lets start from the beginning: German podcast „Talking Purpose – Wirtschaft neu denken“ is all about companies and organizations that have the courage to rethink business and are thus part of the solution to the most pressing problems of our time. It is hosted by entrepreneur and marketing stategist Dr. Annette Bruce, who has invited our founder Johanna to an episode about traceless.

Why are bioplastics not as good as their reputation, and what makes traceless better? What is a life cycle assessment, and why did we make one? What is the secret behind traceless' sustainability, and what does it have in common with a chestnut? And how does it feel for a young startup like traceless to collaborate with a global player like OTTO? Listen to Johanna talk out of the box, giving insights not only to the science and innovation behind traceless, but also to the people behind it - revealing what really moves us every day, and where we stand right now (available only in German).

"Experience in the podcast a very committed, sympathetic and far-sighted founder who is dedicated to making a major contribution to a functioning circular economy and thus helping to reduce global plastic pollution and resource waste."

Talking purpose about the episode

Link to the episode on Podigee:


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