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traceless amongst Top 10 sustainable packaging startups

Online platform rated traceless as one of the top ten startups that are offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging!

Entire industries, some of the biggest corporations, activists, and an increasing number of consumers are on a mission of shifting towards a plastic-free future. It’s definitely a topic that’s motivated and inspired creators, engineers, scientists, startup founders, and even investors to take action. (...) This trend goes beyond plastic recycling, it is about how to replace old-traditional packaging with alternatives that not only contribute to a sustainable industry but also change the consumer’s mindset, creating a culture around responsible consumption.

We are proud to be mentioned amongst companies like Sulapac and Notpla that are also working on sustainable plastic alternative materials, as well as companies like Caulibox offering multi-use products, or like Air-Up providing innovative product design solutions. We all share the vision of a future free of pollution and waste - and by taking all our different approaches together, we can make a real impact! Read the full article here:


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