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Traceless Teamweekend

It was team weekend time! We spent the last weekend of August in a beautiful house on the countryside of Denmark. There was plenty of time to brainstorm, share ideas, cook together, go for walks, do some sports, and of course celebrate what we have already achieved as a team!

It was really great to meet with the whole team in person, and to see how we are growing. We are happy and excited to all together be a part of the solution! Full of energy and with new inspiration we will continue working on achieving the mission of traceless.

back row, from left to right: Niklas (Technology Developer), Alessandro, Amalia, Arjun, Jan (all Product Developers) and Tobias (Technology Development Advisor)

front row, from left to right: Isabel (Designer), Johanna (COO & Co-founder), Ritva (Marketing Manager), Anne (CEO & Co-founder), Philipp (Product Developer) and Lennart (special guest - formerly our Technology Development Advisor)


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