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Wissenschaftspreis 2022 for our science-rooted startup

What a great honour for a science rooted startup like ours: traceless was selected as one of the winners of the 15. Wissenschaftspreis 2022! Awarded by the EHI Stiftung and GS1 Germany, this prize goes to startups, cooperations between universities and companies, as well as academic research projects. What they all have in common: Their approaches offer retail companies solutions for their various challenges.

The happy winners: The traceless team, united around the trophy of the Wissenschaftspreis 2022 vltr: Pascal, Andrea, Arjun, Laura, Johanna, Anne, Niklas, Ritva, Alex, Philipp, Lucas, Philip, Yves, Marcel and Alessandro - other team members: Jan, Hande, Tobias, Jessica, Elias, Isabel & Benjamin

It was the founding idea of traceless to transfer scientific findings into a solution for the real world, making best use of the ecological impact potential by bringing it to the commercial market. Thereby, this award makes us especially proud. We are excited that we could convince a top-class advisory board jury that is consisting of important personalities from the retail and consumer goods industries: Thomas Fell, CEO of GS1 Germany; Tina Müller, CEO of Douglas; Michael Gerling, Chairman of EHI Stiftung; Lionel Souque, CEO of REWE Group; Christoph Werner, CEO of dm-markt, ... to name just a few.

During the festive award ceremony on June 1st 2022, our founding Duo Dr. Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare had the chance to personally get in touch with some of these impressing personalities. We really enjoyed the conversations that arose on this occasion, and are looking forward to future possibilities to collaborate. The ceremony event was part of the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, and attended by more than 250 top leaders of the industry. Back in Hamburg, we coudn't wait for Anne and Johanna to arrive with the award, and celebrate this great recognition as a whole team - and find a honourable place for the trophy at our pilot plant and lab location in Buchholz i.d.N. near Hamburg.

images: Wissenschaftspreis / Jörn Wolter

More impressions of the award ceremony can be found on this page of the Wissenschaftspreis:

We are honoured to share the award with Ubica Robotics, who also got awarded in the startup category. With their novel technology for creating digital store twins, they are offering an innovative solution for retail logistics. Our warm congratulations to the whole team!

You are interested who received the awards in the academic categories, for the best chair project, best doctorate and best mater thesis? Find out on the official winner page of the Wissenschaftspreis!

Our special thanks goes to Dr. Christian Salzmann, Executive Director Startup Dock TUHH, who - besides his continuous support ever since the beginning of our journey - has nominated us for the award. Very much appreciated!


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