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Impact Festival and Award

16.09.2021 - One day, three great things to happen! First of all, we took part in our first "physical" fair, the Impact Festival in Frankfurt. By chance, this was also the day when we celebrated our company's first jubilee day. Exactly one year ago, we founded traceless! As if these two things weren't enough reasons to make us smile, on top we received an amazing birthday present: The Impact Festival Award for hardware solutions! As you can imagine, the party atmosphere was simply perfect.

Finally! traceless' first physical fair booth

The Impact Festival is a platform for sustainable technology and innovation, and aims to accelerate sustainable transformations by bringing all relevant players together. Anne and Johanna travelled to Frankfurt, and represented traceless at our own booth. There, one could not only find us with posters containing information and images - on course, we also brought tangible samples of our materials traceless film, coat and plast. After so many online events and Zoom meetings, this was our first opportunity to showcase everything live in front of a big audience! We really enjoyed the conversations that arose during the two days - it simply makes a difference to have things presented not only on pictures but live to touch, especially when offering a hardware solution like our materials!

Thanks so much! Johanna and Anne on stage, receiving the IMPACT AWARD

What made the event even more special to us was the fact that traceless got selected for the IMPACT AWARD. The award was founded in 2021 in close cooperation between the Impact Festival and UNO INO eG. It aims to honor and display European startups that address urgent societal challenges by means of sustainable technology and innovation. Prices were given by an expert jury in four categories: Platform Solutions, Software Solutions, Social Innovation and - this is were traceless got selected - Hardware Solutions. We received the award live on stage during the award ceremony, which was hosted by Thomas Dietz and Alice Berger from UNO INO. Again, standing on a physical stage and literally holding the award our hands was a fantastic feeling!

Our birthday cake and the award


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