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Clean Streets, traceless Treats: A Collaboration with Oclean

We’re super excited to share the success of our most recent prototype test with you! On December 18th, 2023, a clean-up event of Hamburg-based NGO Oclean took place, and we had the chance to afterwards test two of our prototypes, the traceless fries fork & cones coated with traceless material. Both products successfully completed their real-world trial, as they served their purpose perfectly, while simultaneously serving the planet.  

The Season of Giving (Back)...
Clean-Up Event St. Pauli

Oclean, a Hamburg-based NGO, is well-known in our community for the clean-up events they organize, hereby targeting plastic pollution in and around Hamburg. We are very honoured we had the chance to team-up with them, and support them in their final clean-up event of the year. Together,  we fully embraced the spirit of giving. More precisely even: The spirit of giving back - to nature, our city and of course our community. This initiative allowed us to make a meaningful impact while also testing our latest prototypes in a real-world scenario. 

Together with many hard-working volunteers, we cleaned Park Fiction in St. Pauli, Hamburg. In only one hour we managed to collect quite the amount of waste, ranging from bottle caps and cigarette butts to different sorts of plastic packaging waste. For us, it served as an additional reminder of the urgent need for solutions and the importance of working collectively with diverse stakeholders to create a tangible impact.

Clean-Up Event St. Pauli, Hamburg

And that is exactly what this event was all about! Following our cleanup efforts in St. Pauli, hereby remediating the effects of plastic pollution, we introduced all event participants to another perspective: preventing future pollution through product design changes. By treating our hard-working volunteers to fries, served the traceless-way, we were not only able to thank them for their efforts, but could additionally show them solutions are out there, and let them be the first ones to test our prototypes in a real-world setting…  

Did they pass the test? See for yourself…
Fries served the traceless-way

Overall, the reactions were overwhelmingly positive! Participants were especially impressed by the stability of the friesforks and the remarkable protection offered by the coating, which had to do with its water- and fat-repellency. Additionally, we received some comments on the natural colour of our material, as this further highlighted our material’s goodness: plastic-free & planet-friendly! Also the food truck owner was impressed by the quality & stability of our material, and gave us an amazing compliment, saying he preferred our fries-picker over the ones from conventional plastics. 

In short, a lot of great feedback, and all this without any type of plastic - delicious in many ways!

Fries served the traceless-way
CEO & Co-Founder, Anne Lamp: Our prototypes have successfully showcased the potential of traceless - they show what our material can achieve, and that it can be used in a targeted manner, proving itself to be a true solution against global plastic pollution and we could not be more proud!

Indulge Responsibly, Impact Positively
Clean-Up Event traceless x Oclean

All-in-all the event was a great success! We're incredibly proud of the impact made—clearing the streets of St. Pauli, collaborating with Oclean, showcasing our innovative solutions to the community, and receiving such positive responses. For others, it may be just a small fries fork, but for us it is an important step towards our vision: making pollution and waste history. 

If this has piqued your interest and you'd like to receive a sample and reserve volumes from our upcoming production plant, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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