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Press Echo Autumn 2021

Various press portals and newspapers, both from the professional and the public sector, picked up our latest major news announcements of the past weeks - namely the EIC Funding and Science Breakthrough of the Year award at Falling Walls Conference. Here is an overview on the coverage:

The Science Ressort of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung F.A.Z. published an article about on the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin, both printed as a full-page article, and as an online version on their website. In their article, they pick out a few of the presented Start-Up ideas of Falling Walls Venture - amongst them is traceless - while also reflecting on the event format and overall spirit. Link to the article on - German language

For their feature about Falling Walls Conference, Inforadio RBB interviewed traceless Co-founder Dr. Anne Lamp, and asked her what makes our scientific approach so unique. The episode also reports on other highlights of the conference - for example, BioNTech Founder Özlem Türeci's inspiring main stage talk. Listen to the feature online: Listen to the feature on - German language

German Newspaper Tagesspiegel's journalists also covered the Falling Walls Conference in their Science Ressort, and give a brief overview on all major themes and break-throughs that were discussed on stage. The title "Successes with long-term effects" points to what they consider the main learning of the conference: "It becomes clear that innovations need a long lead time." Read more about their insights: Read the article on - German language

The platform is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and aims to raise awareness for the bioeconomy field, support knowledge transfer and connect all relevant stakeholders. In their news section, they published an article about traceless on the occasion of our successful EIC Accelerator Read the article on - German language

Plastics Information Europe is one of the major information platforms for experts from the plastics industry, offering market know-how and business news since 40 years. After having reporting on traceless technology already earlier this year, they published a new article on the occasion of the EIC funding. Read the article on PIE

Plastverarbeiter is one of the major professional platforms when it comes to plastics converting industry. In their October article about traceless, they refer to the EIC funding, and give additional background info on our technology. Read the article on

For their episode on November 2nd 2021, the podcast of Startup Insider has invited traceless Co-founder and COO Johanna Baare. Johanna not only reflects on our company's founding history and our latest successes - namely the EIC funding - but she also points at the challenges that an impact start-up faces today in the face of a market dominated by greenwashing. Listen to the podcast episode on Spotify

Last but not least, we are happy to receive recognition not only Nation- and Europe-wide, but also in our hometown Hamburg: Hamburg News was amongst the first ones to pick up our news release about the EIC funding. Read the article on Hamburg News


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