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Renewable Material of the Year 2023 - traceless is nominated!

We are among the nominees of the innovation award ‘’Renewable Material of the Year 2023’’!

The award recognises exciting and promising solutions that contribute to replacing fossil carbon from the ground. Reaching the final means a lot to us, as we strongly believe in the importance of making the shift from fossils towards renewables!

For our innovative natural polymer material technology traceless®, we are using the leftovers of agricultural industry as our raw material, aiming to achieve best possible environmental impact throughout the whole life-cycle. Hereby traceless® has not only certified 100% biobased carbon content, but also does not cause a direct food-conflict, and is naturally compostable and 100% bio-circular.

The award is part of the Renewable Materials Conference organized by renowned nova-Institut - the meeting point for global leaders driving the transition to renewable materials based on Recycling, Biomass or CO2. On the 24th of May, the second day of the conference, we will present our innovation together with the other nominated companies and their exciting solutions.

More about the award and nominees...


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