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Showcasing solutions for a Plastic Waste Free World

Lots of visitor engagement, many deep-dive conversations and a high level of networking within the industry - these are our main takeaways from another very successful Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo 2023. What were the hot topics, who was around, and what was the big difference to last year? Read more below!


One of the must-go events for solutions tackling plastic pollution

One year after its launch, the event has rapidly become one of the must-go events in Europe for any company looking for new technologies, materials, and solutions to help realize their plastic waste targets and source the latest innovations driving the new circular economy. On site: Material and technology innovators, major manufacturers, materials & circular economy experts, government organizations, NGOs, scientific institutes... so, basically everyone needed to tackle the complex problem of plastic pollution.

In the middle of the action - at the traceless booth

While we at traceless fully appreciated the advantages of remote collaboration and virtual meetings, it was again a pleasure to have so many in-person conversations - it simply allows to delve deeper into the topics much faster. And once again, there were quite a lot of you interested in our plastic-free, plant-based material innovation, and the traceless booth was oftentimes packed. Another nice side effect of the busy moments: Our visitors were in the middle of the action immediately! They were able to see our samples and materials up close, and the conversations connected organically, integrating different perspectives.

The traceless team in Cologne: Isabel, Anne, Eike and Philip

A new level of networking within the industry

This is exactly the approach we believe in: Not just offering a material solution, but connecting different stakeholders along the ecosystem to really join forces. And compared to last year's edition, which already had a great collaborative spirit, we have seen an even higher level of networking within the industry, from all stages of the value chain. We talked to many stakeholders, and there is huge potential not just to team up on projects and solutions, but also to complenent each others technologies and expertise to the joint mission.

We had lots of fun and it was a pleasure to meet everyone in Cologne. Lookign forward to next year's edition!


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