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traceless among the winners of German Startup Award 2022

traceless Co-Founder and COO Johanna Baare wins German Startup Award in the Category Female Newcomer of the Year 2022.

With the German Startup Awards, the Startup Association annually honours the outstanding personalities and most courageous visionaries of the German startup ecosystem. In a festive gala with over 500 prominent guests, the winners were chosen in Berlin. And we are beyond happy and honoured, that with Johanna as our Co-Founder and COO, traceless is among the winners!

"Even though this award carries my name on it, I clearly see it as a recognition of the amazing and hard work of our entire team - the 19 team members that stand behind me and my Co-Founder Anne. I am proud and humbled to be working with such amazing people every day! Great to see how much we have already achieved together - in just a little over 1 1/2 years!"

Johanna Baare, Female Newcomer at German Startup Awards 2022

Johanna complements the business and strategy development expertise to our 100% female founding team. As former COO of a social impact startup and business developer for an international strategy consultancy, Johanna combines entrepreneurial and business development knowledge to scale up early-stage ventures and teams. With this background and her outstanding commitment and passion to traceless, Johanna plays a crucial role on our mission to bring traceless to market as quickly as possible, and thereby make the biggest possible contribution to solving plastic pollution.

Cheers to the award: traceless Founders Anne Lamp (left) and Johanna Baare (right), jointly celebrating the award...

“Congratulation to the winners! With their entrepreneurial drive and great dedication, they have created something impressive. Whoever holds a German Startup Award in their hands this year makes Germany more competitive, more modern and solves social problems through clever innovation.”

Franziska Teubert, Managing Director Startupverband

Plastic pollution solutions strongly represented

It is noteworthy that two of the other awards went to companies that have dedicated themselves to solving plastic pollution. Milan von dem Bussche from QiTech won the award for best Male Newcomer. The 18-year-old from Oppenheim in Rhineland-Palatinate recycles production waste and plastic waste from large factories into high-quality 3D printing filament. His company has developed machines to produce this raw material for 3D printing. Social Entrepreneur of the Year is Florian Pachaly from reCup GmbH. reCup offers Germany's largest reusable deposit system for the catering industry. The company reduces plastic waste through a Germany-wide reusable system of pollutant-free and reusable cups, bowls and cutlery.

The high visibility of the topic, and the variety of the awarded approaches underlines the urgency of the problem, and shows that the German startup ecosystem provides a whole range of innovative approaches and technologies to tackle this complex challenge. Each and every contribution is needed, and we're confident that only together - also with many more exciting ideas and startups - we can make a change!

Read about all the other winners in the official Startupverband press release Learn more about traceless and what we're up to on our Press & Media page

...and the team behind: traceless' tech dev & production, product dev, biz dev, finance and marketing - at our team days in February 2022!


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