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We are nominated for the Deutscher Gründerpreis!

It's official - traceless is among the three finalists of the Deutscher Gründerpreis (German Entrepreneur Award) in the Startup category!

The Deutscher Gründerpreis is Germany’s most prestigious award for entrepreneurial excellence and achievements. Aiming to foster a positive entrepreneurial environment, it was initiated by the four partners Stern, ZDF, Sparkassen and Porsche, and is awarded in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Together with Additive Drives GmbH, who design and manufacture electric motors using innovative 3D printing technologies, and Aleph Alpha GmbH, who have developed an AI technology to transform human-machine interaction, traceless is among the three final start-ups still in the race to win the award in the start-up category. The final winner will be announced on September 13th during a festive award ceremony in Berlin.

The jury of the Deutscher Gruenderpreis was especially impressed by our holistic approach, not only in terms of sustainability but also of our business concept which allows us to make a large-scale impact:

"Foils, coatings, cutlery: In future, the plastic content in all these products is to be replaced by the organic granulate "traceless" - a natural material that has the properties of plastic, but is completely compostable in nature and also has an excellent environmental footprint. Traceless makes a "bio" - dream come true: A waste product that is itself already biobased is processed in an environmentally friendly way and replaces a problem product."

quote from the Deutscher Gründerpreis official press release

traceless founders Dr. Anne Lamp (left) and Johanna Baare (right), photo: Deutscher Gründerpreis

We are beyond excited that our founding duo Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare get the chance to present traceless on stage, and meet with all the other amazing entrepreneurs and their inspiring projects. Being nominated already means a lot for the whole traceless team:

"The issue we are tackling with traceless is highly relevant, and we sense a great openness for pioneering sustainability technologies like ours among consumers, manufacturers, researchers and politics. Our mission is to offer a solution - by engineering materials that leave a positive impact, rather than leading to undesired traces like pollution and waste. Aiming to bring our novel biomaterial to market quickly, we have embarked on an ambitious journey, and are happy to get recognition in the caliber of the Gründerpreis nomination on our achievements until now!"

Johanna Baare, Co-Founder & COO of traceless

"We are glad that the disruptive potential of traceless is being seen, our technology is after all something completely new. By working with natural polymers - quasi "nature's plastics" - our team is doing pioneering work in many respects. The conventional plastics industry has spent many decades solely on synthetic materials, and we’re now tackling to catch that up in the field of sustainable biomaterials. This tension between huge demand and great challenge drives us, and makes the work on traceless really exciting every day."

Anne Lamp, Co-Founder & CEO of traceless

And on the website of Deutscher Gründerpreis:


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